Many small to medium size businesses are in need of consulting services to grow their sales and increase their profits, but are unwilling or seemingly unable to afford the cost of such services.

In almost every instance, very significant and positive changes can be realized, but if the business does not retain the services of a consultant, they can never experience these benefits.

In the most basic sense, coaching is a learning and developmental experience. It also encourages responsibility and accountability as well as enhances problem-solving skills, goal setting, communications and effective work habits.

If you’ve never used a consultant before, here are some of the benefits you will receive:

  • Be continually informed on the “Best Practices” within the industry.
  • Receive valuable input from an experienced, proven and highly respected executive(s).
  • Obtain additional insights and an added perspective on difficult decisions that always occur in business.
  • Make possible timely decisions based upon the best possible input.
  • Identify new ways to increase sales and profits.
  • Improve effectiveness and productivity of employees.
  • Improve retention of key employees.
  • Enhance company culture of teamwork and mutual respect.
  • Improve communications among employees and management.
  • Reduce employee conflict.
  • Vastly improve your chances for success.
  • A second opinion addressing issues of special importance to you.
  • Happy customers who return for repeat business.
  • Happy employees who are career oriented.
  • Happy owners who achieve their financial expectations.

There is a way to overcome this reluctance to what is often perceived as an unaffordable cost of doing business. Consulting Collaborative offers a unique and very productive approach to obtaining consulting services, without the high expense, but with the results most businesses need. It’s consulting based upon coaching. The consultant becomes the “COACH” to you and your team! As you know, even the most highly talented team needs a coach and that applies to the athletic field as well as to where you conduct business.


The focus is on new ideas, “Best Practices” and different approaches of doing business.

You and your company can get help when you need it, a second opinion regarding a challenging situation in a real life time frame, implement strategic plans and projects, mentor and develop key employees or just fine tune your business to have a competitive advantage while increasing your profits at the same time.


Ideally, it is best to select a consultant that can relate to your business and industry. There is no substitute for experience! Additionally, look for these attributes in a prospective consultant:

  • Professional reputation.
  • Problem-solving ability and results-oriented track record.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Essential knowledge of client’s business and industry.
  • Strong integrity, leadership and character traits.
  • Management fundamentals of business with a diversified background.
  • Awareness of “Best Practices” within business and industry.
  • At least 10 years longevity in the consulting business.