We specialize in strategic planning.

We provide a proven and long-standing strategic planning process that has been validated by many different companies in different industries. Our method brings consensus to the strategic planning process in developing a Strategic Plan that will be embraced, followed and achieved by management and staff.

Our trademark is a one-page Strategic Plan that is employee specific for management and staff holding everyone accountable for the success of the company.

Year after year, Consulting Collaborative is in contact with dozens of clients, so we know what works and what doesn’t work in today’s challenging business environment. We provide clients with how “best of class” companies operate as well as “Best Practices” that will impact their business.

These “Best Practices” are continuously being updated by our exposure to many different companies on a national basis. Therefore, our clients think nationally and even globally rather than just locally.

Very few people have the opportunity to see what our firm will see on a continuing basis; thus, our clients always benefit from the newest and proven strategic advantages.

Domestic and international clients have annual sales ranging from about $2 million to over $20 billion.

Additionally, we enjoy long-term business relationships with leading “best of class” companies. Many of these companies have achieved this status because of our assistance.


Ideally, it is best to select a consultant that can relate to your business and industry. There is no substitute for experience! Additionally, look for these attributes in a prospective consultant:

  • Professional reputation.
  • Problem-solving ability and results-oriented track record.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Essential knowledge of client’s business and industry.
  • Strong integrity, leadership and character traits.
  • Management fundamentals of business with a diversified background.
  • Awareness of “Best Practices” within business and industry.
  • At least 10 years longevity in the consulting business.