Human Resources

We believe companies must be truly caring with a culture that values and cares for their employees. That’s easily said; however, we contribute to that happening from official job descriptions, one-page annual performance appraisals, win/win incentive compensation plans, one-page employee satisfaction surveys and much more.

Please take a closer look at how we impact the employee organization in many meaningful ways. Our clients are very appreciative on how we improve their culture in ways that also improve the overall performance of the company.

      • Annual Performance Appraisal (One-Page Form)
      • Employee Performance Rating Profiles (One-Page Form)
      • 360° Performance Appraisal (Staff Rates Manager) (One-Page Form)
      • 360° Performance Appraisal (Peer Rates Peer in Department) (One-Page Form)
      • 360° Performance Appraisal (Department Rates Department) (One-Page Form)
      • Official Job Descriptions
      • Employee Development (One-Page Training Templates)
      • Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring Candidates
      • Integrated Multi-Discipline Employee Teams
      • Cross-Functional Employee Teams
      • Salary and Incentive Compensation
      • Profit Sharing and Gain Sharing
      • Recruiting (Sales, Engineering, Management, etc.)
      • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

How can we help you?

How can we help you? Contact us at the Consulting Collaborative Global Headquarters or submit a business inquiry online.

“My only regret is that we should have worked with Consulting Collaborative many years ago.”

Jeff T.
Vice President of Operations, Medium Size Company (Indiana and Illinois)

Why Companies Choose Consulting Collaborative


Find out why companies rely on our Team of experienced and seasoned consulting experts! 

Our Team

Personal Approach

We employ a range of Managing Partners that will work directly with you and your team.

Our Approach

Extensive Services

Our variety of services will align with your individual needs and set you up for success.

Consulting Services

Industries We Work With


Contractors learn how the best companies operate in their industry and how they outperform their competitors. Peer company comparisons are informative and motivational.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers can distinguish their companies from the competition.  It’s all about the internal and external competitive advantages we deliver to our clients.


Installing our management system and strategic planning process is like having a college minor in business management.  What we deliver is easy to implement, cost-effective and embraced by the employee organization.

Trade Associations

Our strategic planning and alliances distinguish associations from other associations by offering something more meaningful and lasting to their members.

General Business

We provide solutions for almost any company and industry.  We have served symphony orchestras, multimedia, legal professionals, primary and extruded aluminum industries as well as general business.


Distributors for all types of products can distinguish their company from their competitors in the geographic area they serve. It’s all about the internal and external competitive advantages we deliver to our clients.

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