For confidentiality reasons, the names of client companies and references have not been provided online; however, client testimonials and references with full disclosure of company names, references and contact information are available upon request.

“My only regret is that we should have worked with Consulting Collaborative many years ago.”

Jeff T.
Vice President of Operations, Medium Size Company (Indiana and Illinois)

“Richard Voreis has facilitated our annual Team Meeting and Priority Planning Workshop every year since 2013. He has been instrumental in helping us get to the next level and beyond.”

Greg M.
President & CEO, Large Size Company (Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee)

“The benefits we gained from the strategic assessment process by Consulting Collaborative were priceless! Without question, it’s really worth the investment. I would highly recommend the overall process. It is very detailed and really got us focused on what is important to the future success of the company. With that said, an owner and staff must be open to change.”

Jamie R.
President, Medium Size Company (Arizona & Colorado)

“We began working with Richard Voreis of Consulting Collaborative in mid-2015 and since that time their MBA Management System has very significantly impacted our company. For example, our pre-tax profit has increased 17 percentage points because of implementing their “best business practices” and holding our employees accountable for the success of the company.”

Joseph M.
President, Medium Size Company (New Jersey)

“The strategic assessment really got the attention of company ownership and our employees. By involving a representative number of our office, shop and field employees it generated buy-in to the Priority Plan that was developed by our team with Richard’s assistance. The entire process was very effective and we are looking forward to positive results. Now, everyone is accountable for the success of the company and very much focused on how we will accomplish the company Top Priorities for 2018. Overall, it was exactly what we needed and at the right time as well.”

Wayne L.
Owner, Small Size Company (Washington)

“Overall, the owners and employees are very pleased with the results. In fact, we immediately scheduled another Team Meeting and Priority Planning Workshop facilitated by Richard Voreis for a year after our first one.”

Tommy S.
Partner, Small Size Company (Georgia)

“In terms of the overall impact of the consulting engagement, the “proof is in the pudding” because we not only met our sales and profit goals, we exceeded them significantly. Our team of management and staff employees is now better focused because of the one-page priority plan making everyone accountable for the success of the company. That’s a big reason we are able to exceed our goals. We have also improved internal communications, teamwork and processes.”

Greg M.
President & CEO, Large Size Company (Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee)

“The strategic assessment process of Consulting Collaborative really works well. A Satisfaction Survey after the project was completed on a dozen components of the assessment on their rating scale of 1 to 5 and the overall average rating was 4.8 with 4 being “exceeds expectations” and 5 being “superior results”. It doesn’t get much better! Plus, after implementing the Consulting Collaborative management system and “best business practices” our net profit increased over 10 percentage points. My only regret is that we should have done this many years ago.”

Jeff T.
Vice President of Operations, Medium Size Company (Indiana and Illinois)

“The promised deliverables exceeded what I was expecting and what the company needed. Richard Voreis faced the tough issues and remained involved after the four step Strategic Assessment was completed. He’s really on our Team! Plus, he’s always available to provide advice when needed by phone.”

Benjamin F.
President & CEO, Large Size Company (Kentucky)

“As a result of Richard Voreis conducting a strategic assessment of our company, we saw marked improvement in our annual strategic planning, personnel development and relationships as well as a tighter financial focus. The management and staff interviews, plus the subsequent strategic planning process touched all levels of our company in a positive and lasting way.”

Rod V.
President, Medium Size Company (Illinois)

“The priority planning processes of Consulting Collaborative has been very helpful for our company that has three separate departments with each having their own challenges. The entire company including our three departments has been brought together in the process of establishing our annual company top priorities supported by the employee action plans. Now everyone in the company is accountable for our success, not just the owners. We are now receiving important feedback from employees who never would tell the owners very much.
As owners we also received very candid input from Consulting Collaborative about our leadership style and on a monthly basis we are reviewing the traits of effective leaders that have been provided to us as part of the consulting engagement. We couldn’t have done it without Consulting Collaborative!”

Alex T.
President & Co-Owner, Small Size Company (New York)

“As a result of the Strategic Assessment interviews of our employees, the Team Meeting and Priority Planning Workshop facilitated by Richard Voreis in combination with the establishment of employee Action Plans throughout the company we have experienced significant improvements in sales and profits. Additionally, the process we implemented created buy-in, commitment and unity throughout the entire employee organization including office, shop and field personnel. They are involved and excited! Everyone now has a better understanding of our company goals and what it takes to make us succeed. Overall, everyone is happier and we’ve even turned around some challenging employees. What we are doing now gets the very best out of our employees. It’s been a real learning experience and as the owner of the company I’m a much better leader, too.”

Mark B.
President, Medium Size Company (Missouri)

“Richard Voreis of Consulting Collaborative not only provided us with invaluable insights into a multitude of “best business practices” to improve our sales and profits, but also showed a personal investment in the success of our company. In this way, the value he provided went above and beyond our expectations.”

Trevor E.
Vice President, Small Size Company (Texas)

Consulting Collaborative offers a no cost assessment available to potential clients to provide initial insight into how their company performs in comparison to their peers. Whatever happens in the process, the results are always very positive.