Research & Reports

For over two decades Consulting Collaborative has provided our clients with valuable and in-depth research reports covering a variety of subjects. Please review the list of research reports we have provided to our clients.

What would you like to know and how can we help you?

  • Competitor Assessment Reports
  • Industry Research Reports
  • Marketing Research Reports
  • Construction Industry Organizations Research Report
  • BIM Product Information Models (BIM) Research Report
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • Building Materials Including Aluminum, Vinyl, Fiberglass, etc.
  • Threat of Fiberglass to Aluminum Fenestration Products
  • Design Industry Organizations Research Report
  • USGBC Assessment Report
  • Interior Products Market Assessment Report
  • Aluminum Operable Windows Research Report (Non-Residential)
  • Residential Window Market Assessment Report (Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Composite and Fiberglass Materials)
  • Market Potential Report
  • International Cultural Business Protocol Research
  • Potential Strategic Project Associations Research
  • Client/Firm Requested Custom Research
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Competitor Assessment Surveys
  • Surveys per Client Request
  • Customer Councils
  • Customer Forums and Symposiums

Industry & Consulting Knowledge

Ideally, it is best to select a consultant that can relate to your business and industry. There is no substitute for experience! Additionally, look for these attributes in a prospective consultant:

  • Professional reputation.
  • Problem-solving ability and results-oriented track record.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Essential knowledge of client’s business and industry.
  • Strong integrity, leadership and character traits.
  • Management fundamentals of business with a diversified background.
  • Awareness of “Best Practices” within business and industry.
  • At least 10 years longevity in the consulting business.

Competitor Research & Analysis

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“My only regret is that we should have worked with Consulting Collaborative many years ago.”

Jeff T.
Vice President of Operations, Medium Size Company (Indiana and Illinois)

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