Kevin WilsonConsulting Advisor, Fort Worth, Texas

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Areas of expertise
  • Strategic, Organizational and Priority Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Teamwork and Motivation
  • Staff and Management Accountability
  • Executive
  • Double Graduate at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas
  • Undergraduate Degree in Accounting
  • Master of Science Degree in Tax

Kevin is a highly experienced business professional. Kevin spent twelve years in public accounting working with business owners and high net worth individuals consulting on tax and business issues. He has accumulated experience across multiple industries and job descriptions. He has worked in various capacities throughout his career, from hourly employee at a steel mill to Shareholder of a public accounting firm to executive team member for the Dallas office at two international companies.

Kevin Wilson is a Consulting Advisor in the Consulting Collaborative Southwest Office in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kevin is adept at providing a valid and honest outsider’s perspective to leaders, allowing them to achieve their maximum performance. His experience includes work in the following areas: Public Accounting (12 years), Professional Services Business Development Roles (25+ years), Machine Shop, Steel Mill, Ranching, Construction and Maintenance (10 years) and the Quick Service Industry (10 years).

Kevin is very well networked in the North Texas business community and very involved in several networking groups, including three he founded and one in which he Chaired the Mergers and Acquisition Forum for eight years.

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+1 214 361 2130

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