Consulting Collaborative was chosen for the name of the consulting firm because we collaborate with our clients as well as collaborate with other consulting firms when the expertise we provide our clients can be enriched and when alliances with other consulting firms brings added value to our clients.
With respect to our alliances, we have aligned ourselves with the following leading companies, colleges and universities as well as trade associations to expand our mutual expertise.

Key Communications

Key Communications was formed in 1993 to provide high quality educational, marketing, management and information services to the glass, metal and related industries.  The company is the industry leader in publications, marketing expertise and regional trade shows.
They have partnered with Consulting Collaborative to exclusively provide management consulting services to their trade show attendees and affiliated glass and glazing subcontractors with a focus on business development to increase sales as well as profits and also offer many other initiatives that contribute to achieving a very successful company in the glass and architectural products industry.


USGlass Magazine

USGlass Magazine is the largest and most widely circulated monthly glass magazine in the world covering the glass and architectural products industry.
Their list of other accomplishments is extensive:
  • USGlass is the only magazine with a worldwide digital edition
  • Leader in online daily industry news services
  • Number-one in industry advertising market share
  • Official publication of the prestigious Glass Association of North America (GANA)
  • Most experienced editorial team (combined total of 98 years in industry)

They have partnered with Consulting Collaborative to exclusively provide management consulting services to their affiliated glass and glazing subcontractors with a focus on management and priority planning processes to increase sales as well as profits and also offer many other initiatives that contribute to achieving a very successful company in the glass and architectural products industry.


Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC)

The Aluminum Extruders Council is an international trade association dedicated to advancing the effective use of aluminum extrusions in North America. AEC is committed to bringing comprehensive information about extrusion’s characteristics, applications, environmental benefits, design and technology to users, product designers, engineers and the academic community. The association is also focused on enhancing the ability of its members to meet the emerging demands of the market through sharing knowledge and Best Practices.

The Aluminum Extruders Council has partnered with Consulting Collaborative to exclusively provide management consulting services to their member companies with a focus on business development to increase sales as well as profits and also offer many other initiatives that contribute to achieving a very successful company in aluminum extruding industry.


Michael E. Brown & Associates

This is a technical service company for the building envelope.  Michael Brown is the founder and has provided these services for glazed walls and other cladding systems since 1981. Lisa Brown is the co-founder and has decades of operational management and quality control experience in a domestic and international manufacturing environment.

MEB & Associates provides consulting, shop drawings, design, takeoff and application engineering throughout the United States. Glazing subcontractors, manufacturers, architects and general contractors utilize their services.

The company employs personnel with Green Advantage Certification, certification in Construction Document Technology (CDT) and with Revit software (for BIM modeling).

“Technical Services Based On Experience” is their motto and what they provide.


Building Industry Partners

Building Industry Partners (BIP) is a private equity investment and transaction advisory firm specializing in the U.S. middle-market building industry. The firm partners with and provides private equity capital of $10 to $100 million with a focus on the building products industry.

BIP also provides mergers and acquisitions advisory services to owners and acquirers of building industry companies. BIP focuses its private equity and advisory efforts on transactions involving privately-owned building product manufacturers and distributors as well as construction service companies with revenues of $25 to $500 million.


Building Industry Advisors

Building Industry Advisors is a full-service investment banking and financial advisory firm created to serve companies in the building products industry with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization and restructuring, private capital placement and financial advisory services.


1-2-1 Business Consulting 

1-2-1 Business Consulting is a national and international business consulting company providing strategic and operational consulting services to an array of industries including glass and architectural products.

Their specialties include operational and financial benchmarking to identify performance gaps and therefore opportunities to improve business performance. These studies can be applied to individual departments within an organization, business units within a single division and/or a specific industry segment. Their approach respects and preserves the confidentiality of information gathered from participants and yet still provides detailed insight into industry trends.

In addition, they perform Customer Satisfaction and Market Surveys, ranging from simple questionnaires to face-to-face interviewing of key customers or a market segment. Their research discovers sources of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction as well as identifies ways to improve service and products.


Solaria Corporation

The photovoltaic (PV) industry has essentially become a commodity industry with most of the PV module manufacturers providing products that look alike, perform alike and offer little to distinguish themselves from one another.

Solar is an exception to the commodity offering with totally new technology with their transparent and high powered Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) modules for use in curtain walls, window walls, skylights and related products. This technology can truly take BIPV applications to the next level as well as highly motivate architects and building owners to use photovoltaics in commercial buildings.


Bernheim + Dean, Inc.

Bernheim + Dean Inc. is a sustainability consulting firm that provides a range of services related to high performance building with zero-energy, zero-water and zero-waste, and with environments designed and built for improved global and human health.

The firm works collaboratively with its clients to provide customized company level strategic sustainability plans as part of their business plans, forward-looking sustainable design and construction consultation services, program and project management related to these services, and company training for specific sustainability aspects of their business. The firm’s goal is to assist companies to improve their competitiveness in the market place through branding as experts in sustainable building practices.

Greenlite Glass Systems

This very high performance translucent glazing system incorporates a PCM (phase change material) that enables the insulating units to achieve a thermal mass of a 16” concrete wall and is ideal for commercial and institutional building facades because it allows natural light into buildings while out-performing any know opaque insulated wall system. It achieves this performance by absorbing heat from both interior room temperatures as well as exterior solar heat gains. It also has an inherent prism to reflect solar heat gains in the summer and allows for maximum heat gains in the winter.

These elements are all incorporated into an insulating glass unit with an R-value of 12. Finally, it is a completely passive system that can save up to 30% to 50% in the annual heating and cooling costs of a building. It can also significantly reduce the HVAC equipment investment in buildings.


Georgia Tech College of Architecture

The College of Architecture at Georgia Tech has five distinct schools reflecting their multiple missions:
  • Architecture
  • Building Construction
  • City and Regional Planning
  • Industrial Design
  • Music

The level of richness and educational diversity is not found at many other schools.



InfoQuest is used by companies that want to see themselves through the eyes of their customers in order to learn what is essential for increasing sales and profits.

Using a proprietary methodology that was first brought to the market in 1989 (not a paper, Internet or telephone process having much lower response rates), InfoQuest has conducted tens of thousands of key customer surveys in 95 countries and 25 languages for companies that range from small family owned businesses to multi-national Fortune 500 companies.

InfoQuest uses behavior analysis to generate precise (and ranked) information on what must be done to most effectively and efficiently improve overall customer satisfaction. They also identify the specific initiatives that, when acted upon, will increase sales and profits.


Bieber Consulting Group, LLC

Formed in 2006, this New Hampshire-based consulting firm specializes in management training for medium-sized and small companies. They work with companies in all fields, with a special emphasis in the glass and glazing industries. BCG works with owners in preparing succession planning, training sons and daughters to be leaders, and with general business management including manufacturing operations, cost cutting, marketing, safety, and human resources.

The company principal, Paul Bieber, ran a 250+ employee glass fabrication company. Paul has extensive business operations experience, is a regular columnist and blogger on business topics and has recently published his latest book, “The Five Minute Consultant’s Guide to Solving Business Problems”.


Bender CFO Services

Bender CFO Services Inc. provides fractional CFO services which is part-time accounting and finance services for small-to-medium-sized companies. This affordable solution gives companies high level finance and accounting services such as:
• Accounting and Financial reporting
• Financial forecasting and modeling
• Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards
• Investor, banking, audit, and accounting support
Our services allow you to focus on running your business without the need of a full time CFO, Finance Director, and in many cases, a Controller. Our alliance with Consulting Collaborative gives your business a one-stop approach for not only developing a strategic plan for your business but having the financial plan and forecast in place to meet and exceed your goals.


Chicago Window Expert

Mark Meshulam, the Chicago Window Expert, is a specialist in building exteriors and has over three decades of experience including windows, glass, mirrors, curtain walls, entrances, skylights, panels, louvers, window films, sealants, and the implementation of a well-functioning building envelope.
Mr. Meshulam is involved with litigation, claims, and disputes involving leakage in the building envelope and failure of building components such as glass breakage, leaks, condensation and construction defects. He is also involved with the safety of architectural products, including injury from glass breakage and window falls. Additionally, his special skills include clear writing, photography, videography, and graphical design. His clients include attorneys, contractors, architects, property owners, building managers, engineers, and manufacturers.
Mark Meshulam is an accomplished author and speaker with 70+ authority articles appearing on his website that receive over 200,000 page views per year. He has appeared on television and radio for ABC, CBS and NBC, Dateline, Inside Edition, Good Morning America and Rivet Radio with two of his appearances winning Edward R. Murrow Awards.